Shenanigans – Closet

Perks of being a skeleton: Getting to hang out in other people’s closets and scare the crap out of them in the morning.


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Music Shuffle!

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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

  1. Cheap Sunglasses – ZZ Top
  2. Welcome To My Life – Simple Plan
  3. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) – Phil Collins
  4. Michelle – Beatles
  5. Blue Ocean Floor – Justin Timberlake
  6. I can Hear Your Heartbeat – Chris Rea
  7. Without You – Piano Guys
  8. Starlight – Muse
  9. Horse To Water – R.E.M.
  10. Take These Chains From My Heart – Ray Charles

Here we go. An assorted bag of mixed nuts.

I don’t have 10 people to tag, but I’ll do my best:
bluebird-88, ourfeatherwings, sweetylira, wu-huizhu

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Me be back!!

Hey guys! I’m back from the UK :D

If you’d like to read a long-winded account of the two weeks I’ve spent abroad, please click here

Otherwise, I don’t blame you.

It’s good to be back home :)


Off to England

I’m off to England for the next two weeks. Gone till the 17th :) Which means there’ll be another break in Shenanigans comics. The next one will be up in four weeks. Sorry to let you wait again…

Anyhoo, I hope I’ll come home with a few interesting anecdotes.

To the person who got the LFCC tickets: Sorry again that I can’t contact you. I’m so stupid sometimes. ^^; The tickets should arrive this week. Hope you have a nice trip.


Could the person who got the LFCC tickets contact me again? ^^; I’m a total moron and accidentally deleted your message. And I can’t remember your username… I’d like to let you know that the tickets should arrive this week. I sent them on Thursday


Shenanigans – Elephant

It’s an old one, I know… but I just had to get it out of my system.

(Also, mixed up the style of the last comic with the cellshading stuff I used to do. Any thoughts?)


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Every Flavor Bertie Bott’s Beans

Never, ever, ever buy Bertie Bott’s Beans. I thought they were joking when I found them in the candy store.

… The first one I tried was vomit-flavored.


epically-scottish-big-b said: M, A, R, V, E, L, :)






Nice ^~^

  • M - Milkshake flavour?

I’m actually really not fond of milkshakes, I’d rather just have a glass of milk XD

  • A - Available?

Umm….yes? but I’m not really looking right now XD

  • R - Reason to smile?

We ent dead yet XD Seriously though, it’s such a narrow chance that we’re all alive and stuff right now, it’s worth smiling just thinking about how amazing it is that we all made it this far

  • V - Very best friend?

I don’t wanna answer that, I have too many friends on here XD and if I list them all I’ll forget someone

  • E - Easiest person to talk to?

Probably my sister, Emma. She’s really easy to just chat to

  • L- Longest friendship?

Oh jebus, I cut out like all my old friends a long time ago XD probably artsytarts? I’ve known her since my old DW forum days back in 2008? I think?

Ohmygosh I have not been on that forum for aaaages! Honoured to be your oldest friend though! HUG! XD

Also, I agree on ‘we ant dead yet’.

Same! I still read it and stuff (there’s a few great discworld blogs on here tbh) but I do sometimes miss the old forum days XD I am kinda amused that you are the oldest friend I keep in touch with considering we’ve never met though!

………….might have been rereading the Witch Discworld books recently >.<

I kinda miss it too. I tried going back a couple times, but I always end up leaving again. I’m too preoccupied with Deviantart. XD Incidentally, the DW forum is what lead me to dA in the first place. Now I have a few great friends there.

We really need to correct that one of these days XD

I recently read Monstrous Regiment again. Arguably one of my favourites.

Same…I’ve got less time I think is part of it…and I want to focus more on art XD I’ve been iffy on deviantART recently though, because of their changes to their copyright policy >.<

We should! Are you coming to the UK at any point in the future?

I love love love Monstrous Regiment but I know a lot of dw fans who hate it? why? it’s so goooood!

Oh really? I missed that one. What happened?

Actually, I’m going there with a friend in two weeks. South England city tour. :D With bonus Cardiff.

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LFCC Tickets gone

Ok, guys! Someone just got the tickets :) Thanks for the reblogging, mystmoon. And thanks to the person who sent me a message. Tickets are yours.

God, am I glad. I hate nothing more than to have tickets to something that I can’t use. It always feels like I’m taking an amazing experience away from someone who would have been able to go if I hadn’t bought the damn thing.


LFCC tickets to give away! – EDIT: Tickets gone

EDIT: A happy clam here on Tumblr just messaged me. Tickets are gone. I’m really glad about that…


I have a few London Film And Comic Con tickets I can’t use. There was a date mix-up and some other stuff. Long story short: I’m going to be in Cardiff when the LFCC is on… Don’t ask…

What I have:

2 early bird entries
1 Stan Lee photoshoot ticket
2 ‘An audience with Stan Lee’ tickets
1 bonus Colin Baker photoshoot ticket (6th Doctor)

All on Sunday the 13th of July 

This is no joke. I genuinely can’t use them and I’m giving them away for free. If you’re intersted, please send a message to my ask box. I just want someone to use them, as it would otherwise be unfair to all the people who wanted to go, but couldn’t get a ticket.

PS: This will be the last time Stan Lee will ever come to Europe for a convention.


Shenanigans – Cookies

Remind me never to use proverbs on my brother. *sigh*… I’ll never find out how he became a skeleton.

Also, as you can see, I’m experimenting with colouring techniques at the moment. And I have a new signature. (In case you’re wondering, it’s the initials ‘S. B.’ The first letters of my real name.) I’d be thrilled to get some feedback on the new style! So yeah, send me a message and tell me what you think! :)

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Went to see ‘The Fault in our Stars’ yesterday, and I thought it was really, really good. And having read the book, I was surprised how well I did in not crying. I mean, I did cry, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it would go. Maybe I was able to mentally prepare myself because I’d read the book… But you know… it’s a pretty darn sad story.

Anyway, I think it was a very faithful adaptation. The best book to movie adaptation I’ve ever seen, actually. Those who loved the book will definitely love the movie. At least I think so. Those who hated the book: obviously don’t go watch the movie. Though I don’t think you would go watch it if you hated the book anyway.

For those who have neither read the book nor watched the movie: It’s a kind of cheesy love story between two teenagers who happen to have cancer. But it’s got a few really wonderful messages for life in general, it’s funny as hell, clever, but also really really sad. A total rollercoaster.

The only thing that annoyed me was that group of girls who sat to the right of me. They sqeaked and giggled every single time Ansel Elgort (who played Augustus Waters) either came in, said something or did something. Anything. They were literally drowning out the sound. I mean, please girls… I can see you find him sweet and all but there’s no need to go this crazy over a face on a movie screen. Nothing against finding someone hot, but this response is just creepy. I don’t understand why people go this crazy over a person they don’t know. I want to listen to the movie, not your excessive fangirling! Do it if you want, just please don’t do it out loud.

Anyway, go see TFIOS!!

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Shenanigans – Pulley

I can see now that asking him the obvious question will be harder than I thought.


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Shenanigans – Chicken

I have a very strange family.


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Shenanigans Delay

I’m really sorry to disappoint you yet again, guys. But I’ve given up on the hopes of being able to upload the comic today, let alone this week. I’ll just have to make up for this another time. School just has to come first and with the amount of stuff I have to do right now… well. Unfortunately it’s the comic that has to suffer. I’m so sorry to let you all wait again. My schedule is totally messed up at the moment.