Ah, right. :) Thanks for the clarification, guys!



Can someone explain to me why everybody’s wishing each other a happy 4/13? I’m confused…


Shenanigans – Jellybeans

Ah, jelly bellies… Guess which one I got.


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Since watching Agents of Shield, the words “It’s a magical place” totally creep me out.


Thank you so much! *hugs back* having my braces out was probably the bigger deal for me than the exam XD That whole jaw problem chapter of my life is now behind me. Being able to bite things off and eat properly is so underrated. ^^


You know, through posting this, I’ve found out how many people feel the same as me. And that’s a great feeling. Thanks for your reply!

And I agree, it’s not a weird thing at all. Even though many people see it that way. There is no shame in being single. :)


I’ve actually been thinking about calling myself demisexual, but at the same time I really don’t know what label fits to me. And it doesn’t matter to me very much. I’ll find out when it’s time :) Anyway, thanks for the reply.

And I agree. It’s all cool. :)


Thank you so much for the reply! You’re the sweetest person, really! *hugs* It’s just something that is getting on my nerves and I felt I just had to put it out there. Also in case it might help someone who is annoyed by the same thing.



Some great things have happened this week!
1st, I finally got rid of the braces. After 12 years of that and three jaw surgeries, I am really, really happy right now! :D I didn’t know teeth could be so smooth…

Also, I passed the Cambridge Proficiency exam I took in order to be excused from English lessons (First level. Hellishly boring.) That’ll be really useful for future job applications.

So, yeah… this week has been great!

Happily single. Is that such a bad thing?

Just a general warning for everybody: This post is a rant about sex and relationships (Or rather the lack of it)

Also, this has nothing to do with the recent series of youtube scandals. But I still want to say this to the victims who voiced their stories: Well done. This took a lot of courage and must have been a very hard thing to do.

Okay, let’s get to the matter at hand… Rant mode on!

I am a 20 year old woman. I’ve never been in a romantic relationship. I’ve never been in love, I’ve never felt real sexual attraction and I’ve never had sex. And I’m totally fine with that. It’s neither a shameful thing nor is it abnormal or sad. In my opinion, love happens when it happens. If it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too. And I don’t hesitate to tell that fact to my friends.


Honestly, can’t I have male friends in a purely platonic sense? Is it a universal law that all single women secretly have crushes on all the guys around them? I don’t think so! So many people seem to think that the only way to be really happy is to find a romantic partner, to get married and have children. Which is total rubbish!

The conversation usually goes something like this:

Friend: “So, what are you doing next weekend?”
Me: “Well, I’m going to the cinema with < male friend >.”
Friend: “Oooo, a guy!”
Me: “Uh, yes?”
Friend: “So… do you like him?”
Me: “He’s not my boyfriend.”
Friend: “Yeah, but do you, like… really like him?”
Me: “No, I don’t. He’s just a friend.”
Friend: “Aw, come on, admit you have a crush.”
Me: “I don’t!”
Friend: “Denial is the first sign.”  *wink wink*

You have no idea how utterly sick I am of these conversations! It reminds me of the few instances I’ve played truth or dare when I was a teenager. I always held a deep, deep hate for that game. If you pick truth, you almost always get the question “Do you have a crush on someone?” And if you say “no”, you’re automatically lying. And then your friends don’t let up and want to find out the ‘real truth’ and pressure you and then your parents ask you if there’s this ‘special someone’ in your life and suddenly, you’re considering making up a boyfriend just to shut everyone up.

Fast forward 6 years and I have to start justifying to people why I’ve never had a boyfriend. Conversations like the one I wrote down above happen almost every time I mention a guy to friends (not all but many) and they are extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable. I could scream every time, seriously. Being single and a virgin at 20 just doesn’t seem to be socially acceptable to some people. And that makes me furious.

I guess what I want to say with all of this is: Being single and happy is a thing. And there is no need to try and change people if they are. Let everybody decide for themselves and please just stop pressuring them!

Rant mode off.


Shenanigans – Sneaky

This is very silly.


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I’m really sorry for being absent from the internet lately. I’ve been sick last week. Again… I mean, I had three weeks of peace before catching another bug. Which is very unusual for me. in normal circumstances it takes at least a year for me to get ill again. The most annoying thing is that we’ve had absulutely wonderful spring weather around here and I’ve been cooped up inside. Meh. Anyway, Hope you guys are all well!


Shenanigans – Kitty

My cat does this thing where she’s a cuddly wuddly little kitty cat one moment and a second later, she turns into a wailing tornado made of claws. Without any kind of warning whatsoever.


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I finally checked up on the results of my poll on Deviantart about the weekly comic and kinda now know where I stand.

First of all: Thank you so much, every single one of you! I’m thrilled there’s such a great response to Shenanigans and that so many of you like reading it! You give me a huge boost and make me want to work even harder to improve and to do the best I can. The comic still needs a lot of work, but I’m continually learning and I hope I’m improving with every new strip. I’m always thrilled to see your responses, doesn’t matter in which form. Cause the only reason I do this comic is to make something that people will hopefully enjoy. ^^

That said, there have also been responses from people who would like to see more other art from me, besides Shenanigans. As the weekly comic pretty much takes up my free time (beside the comissions I’m working on at the moment.) I’ve decided to compromise: Instead of posting a comic every week, I’ll reduce and post one every fortnight.

That way I can still do comic strips with good quality and also work on other things for those who aren’t particularily interested in the comic. And really, I think that’s also a better decision for me, actually. I’ve wanted to post some stuff for a while. I’m sorry for changing my plans all the time, but I’m only just figuring out how to make a good webcomic and how it’s most comfortable for me and how to also make all of you guys happy. I hope this’ll work out to everyone’s satisfaction.

If you have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to answer! Do you think this is better? Would you rather still have a weekly comic, but no other art? Or am I just worrying too much? XD

Anyway, I hope you’re all well!


PS: Forgot to tell you: The next comic wil be posted on Monday as before, but after that it’ll be every two weeks.

Shenanigans – Excelsior

Stan Lee is so awesome he can break the 4th wall the other way ‘round.


Deadpool © Marvel

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